Landlord Hacks: Saving money on high wear items

Tuesday 20 Nov 2018

Curtains or blinds are essential to making a property more appealing and livable, but they’re also prone to damage and expensive to replace.

We like to make sure our homes have maximum appeal for minimum outlay so here are our top tips.

Save money on mini-blinds

Clean white blinds in every window enhance the appeal of any vacant property. They typically cost as little as $10 on for a blind approximately 60 cm wide with a 150 cm drop.

Instead of buying wider, more expensive blinds for each window, simply use two blinds side by side. It looks great, costs less, and makes it cheaper to replace just one side in the future, if a blind gets damaged.

Ditch the mini-blinds altogether

While mini-blinds are a great solution, they’re a little prone to damage from pets and kids, and they’re also a little tricky to keep clean.

If you put up an inexpensive curtain rod, again readily available on for between $15 and $20, then purchase pre-made curtains from Bunnings or Spotlight, you’ve found another alternative with multiple benefits.

Curtains add a softer, more homely feel. When your tenants depart, they can be washed and re-hung. They last for multiple tenancies and can easily be updated as fashions change.

Freshening up appliances

If your investment property’s stove or clothes dryer’s enamel has been scratched or chipped, buy a $10 can of appliance paint instead of replacing the appliance altogether.

Available from hardware stores, this super-handy product makes appliances look just like new and saves a small fortune.

When your appliances are getting old, wait for department store sales to purchase updated equipment or ask suppliers about purchasing display stock from their floor.

Use carpet offcuts

If a small area or room needs re-carpeting, check with local suppliers for off-cuts. All suppliers have left over carpets from larger jobs and you can frequently buy what you need for a fraction of the normal price.