When is the Best Time to Sell?

When Should I Sell?

The real estate market generally reflects the current state of the broader economy – it fluctuates between booms and busts.  Ideally, we'd all sell when the market is up and buy when it's down. In reality we often need to sell because we're relocating for work, upsizing as a growing family, downsizing as 'empty nesters' or have taken the decision to move to new neighbourhood.


For many people, Spring is viewed as the "Prime Selling Season" for real estate. And why not? Our landscaping and gardens tend to be looking at their best, pools and outdoor entertaining area look at their best, the weather is normally neither too hot nor too cold, and many families like to buy at a time that will allow them to move and settle during a comfortable time of year.


Some people make the mistake of underestimating the potential of a Summer sale. It is worth remembering that a sunny home always looks inviting and cheerful, people often feel more relaxed during summer, and a motivated homebuyer is NEVER on holiday!

Another point that is often overlooked is that Summer is often the time that people who achieved a sale during Spring end up buying their next home, and this is often a time when the 'supply vs. demand equation' swings back in the favour of the sellers. The simple fact is that some of the most successful selling months we have ever experienced have been during the summer months. So, if that's when it suits you to sell your home, you can do so with plenty of confidence.


For many Sunshine Coasters, Autumn is their favourite time of year. Lovely mild weather and the turning of the leaves add an extra dimension to so many activities, and real estate is no exception. The period from the end of summer to near the middle of the year is often a time of high activity in the Sunshine Coast property market, with large numbers of homes changing hands every week.


Mention Winter to many intending property sellers and their first response would often be "Too cold, too miserable, too hard". BUT, ask any skilled property marketer with their finger on the pulse of the market and they will tell you that low property numbers means less competition for the same number of qualified buyers.  A chill in the air will never stop a motivated buyer, nor will it prevent those people who sold their homes in Autumn from paying top dollar for your home as their need for a new home draws closer!

When you look at it closely, there and "pro's and con's" to selling at any time of the year, but there is no absolutely right or wrong time.

The Best Time to Sell:

The simple fact is that the best time to sell your property is when it suits YOU best. If you are ready to sell at a particular time, then that is the time you should sell. With my experience, advice and local knowledge, I can help you achieve an outstanding result at any time of year.