Shelly Beach

Shelly Beach

Like an uncut diamond, the appeal of the quiet streets and coastline of Shelly Beach lies in its untouched, unchanged state.  It’s like stepping back 20 years.



Population: 866

Established: 1900's - 1970's

Median Age: 44

% of Owners: 68.54%

% of Renters: 27.4%

Distance to Brisbane: 95.7km

Best Feature: Shelly Beach Park is a popular spot for weddings, walk to Kings and Moffat Beach.


Shelly Beach still has its corner store, original fibro and weatherboard beach houses, locals walking their dogs along the beach, or fishing.  Knock-downs are rare and buyers in this area tend to renovate the older-style homes rather than demolish them – and again this has retained the suburb’s rare charm. Unlike it's surroundings suburbs and beaches, Shelly Beach is for those who enjoy a quieter way of living, with the sounds of the waves in your ears while taking a stroll along The Des Dwyer Walkway with your dog. Though quiet, living here gives you access to all that Caloundra has to offer - being 5 minutes drive from CBD, Kings Beach and Moffat Beach.


Convenience is another of the suburb’s appeals. Parts of Shelly Beach allow people to walk to Moffat Beach, with its restaurants and cafes and good surfing off the point break and at the other end you can walk to Kings Beach which is a patrolled beach and also has a range of restaurants and cafes and close to Our Lady of the Rosary private primary school.


The beach is not particularly good for swimming, but it’s a great place where locals go to walk the dog or do a spot of beach fishing. Off the coast, it’s good for spear fishing and snorkelling.  And isn’t that what Caloundra used to be all about? Some of the best features of Shelly Beach is it's old-time feel, quiet beach, walk to restaurants and cafe's, a range of beach houses and local corner store.